We can make you a professional website, customised to meet your needs through a host site such as Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress etc. We can add a variety of different functions to your website to make it easier for you to run your business. Please note that you may need to enter a financial subscription with the host site if you wish for advanced features, such as a store or a bookings system.


When ordering, please type in the box which host site you would like to work with, and a basic idea of what you want your website to achieve. Please select the amount of time required for the job (refer to timings below), and whether it is a redesign or buiding a new website. We will contact you to get full details about your goals for your website. 


Average website design timings*:


1 Hour -- Website Fix -- If you need new products adding to a store and some taking out, or you made a small mistake on your website that you don't know how to fix, then this is the option for you!


2 Hours -- Basic Redesign -- Choose this option if you have a website currently and want a different style - e.g background and text changes, and adding links to other pages on your site or social media.


3 Hours -- Basic Website -- Choose this option if you would like a website made for you with a maximum of 3 pages. Does not include a shop or booking system.


4 Hours -- Advanced redesign -- Lots of changes across the whole site, including the addition of a free store for customers to messge you to order or a paid store where customers can pay directly on the site when ordering (use in conjunction with host site subscription).


5 Hours -- Advanced Website -- We make you a profesional website with everything you need to run your business online. Please note that you may need to subscribe with the host site to get a fully working store and booking system.


*This may vary depending on your needs. Please note that we may require further payment from you if the time slot you have chosen is not adequete for the job specification. We reserve the right to refuse a job if the expected time commitment exceeds the time slot purchased. In this event, we would provide a full refund.

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