We design logos to your specification to provide a clear and consistent brand image!


Select the option that best matches the size of the job that you require. For example, if you have a logo design in mind, with images to send as a reference to explain your requirements, then one of our lower priced packages will suit you well. If you are unable to clearly express your desires for your logo, then it is worthwhile selecting a higher priced package.


We will charge you only the amount needed to finish the job, so we may request a further payment or provide a refund if the job is complete sooner than expected.


Key Terms:

Design = Logo design concept

Edit = Small change to the original proof design that you were sent.

Redesign = Start the design again from scratch.


By purchasing a logo, you will recieve 1 PNG image via Facebook Messenger or Email, unless you select '2 Designs + Redesign + Edits until perfection' - in which case you will recieve 2 different PNG images or a PNG image and the logo in a different file format (if requested format is available).


Custom Logo Design


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