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About Chloe:

Chloe is a 22-year-old Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Social Media Marketer, Business Consultant and Copywriter. Two years ago, she began to experience the painful and chronic symptoms that currently keep her from most physical activity.

After a tumultuous year, and seeking to find a career change to accommodate her needs, she tried MLMs as a way to build sales experience. It was an unorthodox way to build professional skills but faced with few other options, she selected the MLMs with the best products and reward structure. She found the personal sales style and business structure appealing, although it came with an agenda - the push to sell and stock up was strong, and to stand out in such companies is to become a salesperson to the bone. Although some of this was jarring, by taking the plunge into MLMs Chloe rediscovered her love for graphic design and digital media. Chloe says:

"Graphic design has really been constantly in the background of my life. As a student in college I pursued design down many routes - through my educational resources blog, my extended project qualification, and as an Early Years Educator. I produced whole ranges of educational materials, tailored for different educational settings. When I qualified I had such a wide range of resources that I just... stopped! Because I didn't need any more, and I was too busy using them at my job to make any more. My MLM businesses brought me back to my passion - I found that in painful hours designing graphics and logos was my escape. I just loved it and in such a hard situation, it gave me something to do."

From her early days of Paint on Windows 97, to her present of creating on modern vector graphics platforms, it's easy for Chloe to look back and see design as a background thread in her life. However at the time it was always a part of something else: a means to an end and never the end itself. To Chloe (stuck now at home and unable to work her former, very physical childcare job), the thread became a lifeline - a hope for a productive career and an income despite being disabled. However, she retains plenty of her former purpose-oriented mindset, now applying it on her customers' behalf instead of her own.

It didn't take much encouragement for her to strike out on her own. After building practice with her own designs, she got stuck into helping her fellow MLM representatives with brand management, image design, social media management, website design, and various other content production, which quickly expanded into supporting small business owners everywhere. She retains the friendly, person-centred model that she found so appealing in other businesses - and using the Facebook acumen gained under the management of various MLMs as a base skill, is continually exploring new avenues and methods of online marketing. She uses those skills on her own behalf to find customers, but also passes them on, and applies them on her customers' behalf. In contrast to employing the darker arts of salesmanship, she uses a hands-off, push-free selling model which she says is truly a long-term, and ethical, strategy for success. Besides, she says - orders are increasing just about in line with her ability to produce and dispatch them, so there's no need to be pushy even if it led to more orders. Chloe says:

"I am excited to share everything I've learnt and continue to learn, to help people to build a business from home that will be a success. I am working to create a handbook for small business owners everywhere; to be able to implement ethical and strategic social media marketing that really works. This may take a while but my determination will work in my favour!"

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About this Blog:

The aim of this blog section is to provide the roadmap we wish we'd had when starting out, all in one place. It's written with input from Chloe by Paul Haslam, her fiance. We plan to take you through all aspects of our business and how you can use what we've learnt to start your own successful business! If you like this blog, you should know that our services in copywriting, proofreading and editing (and much more) are available on our Facebook Page!

Written by Paul Haslam and Chloe Browning - June 2020

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