What we do

We strive to ensure that we have happy customers!

At Graphic Design by Chloe, Chloe runs most of the behind-the-scenes operations, making personalised and unique designs from scratch and taking time to make each design perfect. Alongside this, our physical designs require printing - sometimes folding and cutting card and paper is involved, then we package and post your orders.

Paul works alongside his full time job to create templates for printed designs, aid in cutting and folding and help Chloe to ensure that all of the involved processes are being completed methodically and accurately.

Olivia works alongside her full time job to communicate with customers and help Chloe to respond to enquiries via social media. Shannon volunteers her time during busy periods to ensure that the printing side of the business is running smoothly and aids in printing technicalities.

We rebranded to GDBC Designs and Events to incorporate the child centred events that we host at Kwellers and the virtual markets that we host online.

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